The Manticore (Deptford Trilogy) [Robertson Davies, Michael Dirda] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hailed by the Washington Post Book. The Manticore [Robertson Davies] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. Hailed by the Washington Post Book World as ‘a modern classic,’ Robertson Davies’s acclaimed Deptford Trilogy is a glittering, fantastical, cunningly contrived .

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One of roberyson objects of David’s analysis is to understand the operation of the functions in his personality. The theory of functions has to be introduced for the same double reason: The whole story of David’s l The second book of the Deptford trilogy deals with David Staunton, the son of the formidable Boy Staunton, the initially sugar tycoon already familiar from “Fifth Business.

I mean, it asks us to look at the people in our lives in terms of archetypes and mantticore how we project our desires upon them, interpreting them to fit into roles we define. Liesl brings into David’s life all those elements which Dr. Somehow, even though the entire first two-thirds of this book consists of a guy talking to his analyst, it still never felt anywhere near daviies heavy-handed as Steppe Ah, Jungian psychology!

The Manticore

Just as, in Ramsay’s view, history consists of repeating patterns of myth, each person’s life consists of repeating patterns of archetypes, as we project these archetypes onto our new acquaintances.

One of the things that happens when the superior function is as highly developed as David’s is that the operations of the other functions tend to be disguised as though they were operations of the superior one.

But once he pulls the curtains back of his life and events, at the end, there is I read this one when I was 18 or 19 and it still holds up. This anamnesis, however, raises but does not resolve two closely interrelated problems of David’s life: A possible lesson here for Trump in his policy formulation as well as in his personal life? It is a work of towering intellect, exploring ideas of good and evil, history and identity, truth and illusion, art and mysticism, and much more.


Why is this an apt way to end the book?

There was a problem adding your email address. Jan 24, Lara rated it it was amazing Shelves: Here we have David Staunton as the main character, and he provides a viewpoint much more cynical and sarcastic than did Dunstan Ramsay.

He is one of the unusual features of David’s analysis since “the Friend often appears as an animal, but rarely as a savage animal” p.

Davies’ cast of characters are all far too self-aware. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Allen Gilbert make quite clear, unexceptionably Jungian:. So, for now I’ll tenatively leave it as 4-stars, but perhaps that will increase as I finish the trilogy.

Found this book fascinating even though I am not a psychologist. He also returns the novel to its primary domain so that it serves its resident characters on the level of insight rather than sensation. Instead, I was completely immersed in his storytelling, which worked as both dialogue and narrative at the same time. In his misogyny and in his blindness, Pargetter suggests one of the most powerful Magus figures in myth, Tiresias.

The Manticore is both a companion and a sequel to Fifth Business: Tschudi’s office has “no couch – nothing but a desk and two chairs and a lamp or two and some pictures” p.

Understanding this basic principle makes life interesting as well as bearable.

The Manticore by Robertson Davies | : Books

Sorry, that person’s shelf is private. I have decided that describing the premise of a Robertson Davies novel is pointless. The second book of the Deptford trilogy deals with David Staunton, the son of the formidable Boy Staunton, the initially sugar tycoon already familiar from “Fifth Business. The principal elements of self-realization are, in Dr. I didn’t quite like it as much as Fifth Business, but still adored it.

Ironically, when he does not move in response to her demand, Liesl fails to realize what has happened: But it was still pretty engrossing, and I’m looking forward to the final book To the series of unusual features in David’s analytical encounters that David’s Animal-Friend is a savage animal, that the Magus figure appears comparatively late in David’s life, and that David, in spite of his unsatisfactory relationships with women, is rich in Anima figures must be added this anomaly of the unresolved “father problem.


Following the encounter with the Anima comes the encounter with the Magus. The quest alone, however, is what leads him to his own awakening by forces much greater than himself and within himself at the same time. Davies is a thoughtful, tasteful mediator in human affairs and while the earlier book was concerned with “moral bookkeeping,” the audit here is psychoanalytical, attempting to release the submerged life of feeling of a rigid rationalist.

He is a positive and rather appealing figure, and David has no difficulty in accepting his presence or his significance, although he is at first surprised: There’s a very comforting dualism at work here between the psychology of the individual and the psychology of the society.

The more we reject their presence, the more power they exert. But his behaviour also confirms and illustrates Dr. All further references to the novel will be to this edition.

Want to Read saving…. Davies also includes a subtle tension between Jungian and Freudian methodologies: But more of a quaint portrait of a Canadian man that no longer exists. While we all may not have davvies the same opportunity for such a primal and numinous experience, a sense of awe is what seems to put us on the path to a higher Self. But I got over it. Read in the trilogy omnibus edition.

We are all full of foreigners, alien psychic beings, vying for attention and supremacy. Click here to learn more about this month’s sponsor! Besides, this is the second book in a trilogy, so if you have read Fifth Business already, and are considering reading the second one, you’ll already ‘get’ what makes these books so great.

I’m hesitant to comment on how Davies incorporates Jung, because all I’ve mamticore about Jungian philosophy has been through the Deptford trilogy.

Martin, 20 Augustin The Letters of C.

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