This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Flowering Judas by Katherine Anne Porter. “Flowering Judas” is a short story by American. In Flowering Judas by Katherine Anne Porter we have the theme of fear, apathy, power, corruption, guilt and betrayal. Taken from her collection. Katherine Anne Porter often spoke of her story “Flowering Judas” as the tale she liked best of all her stories because it came the nearest to what she meant it to.

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Lived in Mexico in and and may have visited Mexico earlier. It may also be important that Laura feels as though she is unable to connect with the school children that she teaches as this would further play on the theme of isolation. I wish his personality came out stronger. Without such a commitment, she cannot fulfill any worthwhile dreams or hopes.

When she awakens from the dream, she is afraid to go back to sleep.

In the final dream-scene, a skeletal Eugenio calls Laura a murdererand beckons her to a new country, to death. Another revolutionary aided by Laura. Received a Catholic education. The author does not tell the reader.

Flowering Judas

If anything Braggioni is allowed to do as he likes around others and Laura. The tragic ending jars against This is a collection of Porter’s first stories, written between and What happens to Laura after the story-ending dream is open to speculation.

However, in all of her activities, she lacks enthusiasm and commitment; she refuses to give fully of herself. The end of the story is also interesting as Porter appears to be using a dream sequence to further explore the theme of betrayal.

At age twenty-two, she resembles Katherine Anne Porter herself, who traveled often to Mexico in her thirties, after the war ended.

Flowering Judas by Katherine Anne Porter, |

Taken from her collection of the same name the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and after reading the the story the reader realises that Porter may be exploring the theme of fear and apathy. A bit uneven, but the best, “Flowering Judas,” “Rope” “The Cracked Looking Glass” and one or two others, are magnificent and modern kathsrine hell.


By means of a tactic that has dominated modern short fiction since Anton Chekhov, Porter makes works such as “Flowering Judas,” which is her most famous story, appear to be realistic situations about people caught in specific moral dilemmas while at the same time they are spiritual allegories in which characters and objects are emblems of universal moral issues.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Something that Braggioni may not be aware of due to his idealism. She seems to be very hostile toward Cornelia, her daughter. Return to Book Katherime.

Denied his guiding hand, Laura devours the lush blossoms of the Judas tree he feeds her. This casebook on “Flowering Judas” addresses Porter’s ambivalence su Katherine Anne Porter often spoke of her story “Flowering Judas” as the tale flowerijg liked best of all her stories because it came the nearest to what she meant it to be.

Dec 16, Matthias rated it liked it Shelves: Though some critics might suggest that Laura is showing an independent streak when it comes to the men in the story it is more likely that she is uncomfortable with the position she finds herself in and may prefer to alienate or isolate herself from others.

A Judas tree is a redbud genus Cercisa judaa or small tree in the pea family. No trivia or quizzes yet. The judae dichotomies in the story—Laura’s Catholicism and her socialism, her sensuality and her ascetic renunciation, her dedication to the people and her renunciation of genuine involvement—coalesce in the symbolic dichotomy of Braggioni, who affirms life even though it means throwing himself into the physical and becoming a kathrine lover of humanity,” and in Eugenio, the imprisoned revolutionary who maintains his idealism but who negates life and wants to die because he is bored.

Look, the thumbprint is what you must go by.


Virginia Spencer Carr brings her own sharply focused biographer’s eye to the introduction, further illuminating the story and the superb critical essays that it provokes.

Porter typically started her stories by writing the final line first and this example pulls inexorably towards its surrealist end. I kind of slogged through it, had a difficult time with the lack of cadence and just wasn’t able to identify with anything.

Risking her safety for a dream of social justice, she notes flaws in an international enterprise that operates by means of deception and exploitation. Why does Laura deliberately alienate herself?

Imprisoned revolutionary whom Laura visits and gives narcotics.

For example, she moves money between the Romanian and Polish agitators, both of whom are being shamelessly used by the Mayan-Italian Braggioni. Facebook Twitter Email Print. Writing and Publication Dates.

Revolutionary aided by Laura.

“Flowering Judas” by Katherine Anne Porter: an analysis

Jun 02, Eric rated it really liked it. Kathsrine story mixes reminiscences of her life, especially of her being jilted before her eventual marriage to another man, with her dreams and flowerinf conversations with those at her side “Flowering Judas” is about a young, attractive, virgin woman who goes to Mexico to support the revolution. Published August 1st by Rutgers University Press.

Aug 19, Shelly Rawlings rated it did not like it Shelves: Paperbackpages. The illusions Laura had about joining a great revolutionary movement to better society prove false.

Porter also tells the reader that Laura learned to ride horses in Arizona. Porter does not progress the story further than Laura waking up from the dream so it is difficult to say for certain as to whether Laura does indeed betray Braggioni and the revolution.

Mommy Katberine plus Son to Fear-est. Ivana rated it it was amazing Jun 11,