This year marks the 70th anniversary of the publication of Ask the Dust, by John Fante. Today it’s widely regarded as a classic of American. The story of the hard-living L.A. writer as we know it was born in the early s with John Fante. The novelist, best known for his novel. Rob Sternberg on the pleasures of rereading John Fante.

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Martin recognised the novel as a classic and Fante as a major writer, and soon republished it from his Black Sparrow Press where, over the next three-plus decades it would slowly gather a large, adoring audience, while reaping seemingly endless critical praise.

She gave him nothing, no nothing did she give him and yet he thanked jjohn.

How Ask the Dust nearly missed greatness

I read the book 8 years ago. Then a great deal of time passed as I stood in front of a pipe shop and looked, and the whole world faded except that window and I stood and smoked them all, and saw myself a dudt author with that natty Italian briar, and a cane, stepping out of a big black car, and she was there too, proud as hell of me, the lady in the silver fox fur.

But I want this! You stinking Greaser — what have you got to smile about? John Fante was Bukowski’s god, and “either you adore him or you’ve never heard of him.

More of the latter. Then I dropped out of Surgery and I was back in the big room with the novelists and short story writers. I’ve also considered that Bandini is Fante, a juvenile, but often dead-on assumption among writers who fanfe write a few books all about writers.

I tore through the rest of that novel that Saturday afternoon.

Throwing his book into the desert is both an affirmation of his art and a rejection of it: Bandini is frequently the punch line of his own jokes. In his blind spot he’s a part time racist.


Charles Bukowski Introduction to the John Fante Novel Ask the Dust – Bukowski Quotes

Charles Bukowski was a huge fan of the writer John Fante. He lived and worked in W Fante’s early years were spent in relative poverty. But, I have to smile, for the salt of the sea i And I answer, the sea is back there, back in the reservoir of memory. I was there and he couldn’t get it up and it was to the ground and snarling echoes of cruel thoughts from where they are wherever people are before they are born. Giovane scrittore scapestrato di origine italo-americana, che vive in affitto nella camera di un albergo della California, regolarmente senza quattrini, in attesa che pubblichino sulle riviste i suoi primi racconti.

I liked the fact that there was very little profanity, which kept the integrity of the book and was most likely accurate for the period that was being portrayed. Instantly, Ask the Dust not only became my favorite book but also confirmed my ambition to be a writer, just like Arturo Bandini, and just like John Fante. Take a look in the mirror. Living and dying with each minor victory and defeat So this is where she lived! Confidential –were able to do with an army of visual artists.

All the bad ones, you can’t imagine.

I had always been reluctant to return to Ask The Dustfearing that it would have lost its hold over me. I didn’t ask any questions. Their love affair is ferocious and hot-blooded as they fight the city and themselves to make their dreams come true.

Il possesso della vita nella letteratura. I tried Mathematics but upper Math was just like Religion: View all 7 comments. A few years ago I came across one such novel: And I answer, the sea is back there, back in the reservoir of memory.


I am Bandini, Arturo Bandini! Arturo wanders around Los Angeles, writes in his spartan hotel room, and makes a shitload of bad decisions. It hurt me when he peeled off two dollars, three and eight.

I appreciate the recommendation and I’m surprised, even with its flaws, that the novel isn’t revered by the Bukowski Fan Club crowd. But I would strike at it, hammer it out across die keyboard, and it would die on my hands. Red Headed Girl Paul Rylander I was moved by it. To Camilla, with love, Arturo. Il possesso della donna nella letteratura — Vera.

Yes No Report this. Blindfolded I could have acknowledged the place, for her odor possessed it, her fevered, lost existence proclaimed it as part of a hopeless scheme.

When I had enough cheap wine to drink I never went to the library. Here, take two and three with love. In David Foster Wallace ‘s novel The Broom of the SystemLavache “Stoney” Beadsman has a wooden leg with a hidden drawer in which he keeps marijuana cigarettes and other illegal substances.

Trivia About Ask the Dust The In the library at least you had the use of the toilet facilities. It’s been said that Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake is a collection of all things in the wo Ask the Dust is about as good a book as has ever been written. The beginning of that book was a aso and enormous miracle to me. It might be a shambles of a story, a bust as a novel, but it’s a motherfucker of a book.

Everything I wanted to know was written in tortured phrases across the desolation of her face.