“Machete Season by Jean Hatzfeld” is a tough book to read!, it lets the killers .. Une lecture quasiment indispensable: le récit de 10 Rwandais Hutus qui ont. Jean Hatzfeld’s most popular book is Machete Season: The Killers in Rwanda Speak. L’Air de la guerre: Sur les Routes de Croatie et de Bosnie-Herzegovine. Jean Hatzfeld’s Machete Season: The Killers in Rwanda Speak is a shocking represent “in-humanity” or the “ob-scene” reality of genocide (de Certeau )

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Just the removal of inconvenient animals who were neighbors last year, and who laughed at your jokes about killing them all someday: Killingpeople by hand is a lot of work, you can believe that. Of course they were not responsible for their behavior and of course the people they slaughtered were some how at fault in their deaths. It nevertheless ,achetes remains slightly unreal: The killings were too well managed to leave us room for any other feelings.

It is their culture for femporada children to learn tasks by shadowing their parents movements. The legs especially took kean beating But for the younger ones, it was great: What remains unspoken is the extent to which the killers’ words are also a product of Hatzfeld’s own hand—the questions he asked, the wording he used, the way he edited the men’s responses, and the way he presents those responses as uninterrupted paragraphs on the page.


A neat little way to dehumanize someone. Nov 23, Nick rated it really liked it Shelves: We always finished our jobs properly. Some have been exonerated. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Even after the fact it seemed like the men were trying to rationalize their actions and under the same circumstances would be fairly likely to do the same thing again.

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Sometimes on the same page I’ll get to that later. The most annoying thing about Machete Season was its insistence on bringing up the Jewish Holocaust at every opportunity.

I would think it would be important to question why life isn’t so precious that war is inevitable. The murderers often use eufemisms temporaa seem to step back when they get to describe the actual killings.

This is just another manifestation of colonisation where a tragedy can’t be discussed without comparing it to the Holocaust, an European event. If they had collectively not wanted to exterminate their neighbors it could have been done. Une saison de machettes – Canada. machdtes

Books by Jean Hatzfeld

I want to make clear that from the first gentleman I killed to the last, I was not sorry about a single one. I need to reread Orwell’s elephant story about losing his will to that crowd of Burmese behind him.

Why, then, talk to dee murderers? The role of corrugated metal — useful material for roofs, and among the few tangible forms of wealth in this impoverished area — is particularly interesting. To learn about killing, I suppose. Worries let go of us. Was it Hatzfeld, for example, who first asked whether killing people was like killing animals or mafhetes this analogy originate with the killers?


People are people, people!

Una Temporada de Machetes

Can a survivor truly move on? When the book begins it is told from Adalbert’s mother. Hatzfield, has a collection of work on the Rwanda genocide.

Hunters of animals turned cheerfully to the work of hunting humans. Or that German film Sophie Scholl because the Germans needed, for their peace of mind, to cling to any small sign that one of their own resisted the Nazis.

Una Temporada de Machetes (Spanish Edition): Jean Hatzfeld: : Books

Not as a letting off the hook because they were caught up in what everyone else was doing. Rwandans grow up with a machete. Other books in the series. This time you get to the other side, as close as you can get to the real core of horror. I would also say that the shooting down of the plane with the Hutu president was a catalyst. Jul 24, Melanie rated it it was amazing.