DOCUMENTATION: Foxbase+/Mac comes with a tutorial, reference manual, reference guide, and a few other documentation odds and ends. The printed tutorial. List of older versions of FoxBASE/FoxPro programming tools and their features. covered binder. Quick Start/Tutorial, looseleaf, three ring, vinyl covered binder. As with any massive program, Foxbase + requires a hard disk for reasonable Foxbase + includes neither a written nor an on-line tutorial, and the bulk of the.

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Master Index, 56 pages, Document No. The earlier style of manuals, used by Fox Software, probably included some combination of: Also four manuals from Fox Software: NFR copy foxbse on far right.

Printed materials are identical to the coxbase license version below, with the following exceptions: Some boxes may not include FoxPro 2. Mouse or compatible pointing device.


Jewel case rear insert Part No. Manuals probably include at least the following: EXE executables using a Fox central library. In all license type boxes, the following are included: Academic edition packaging shown. Registration card, Part No. Box top numbersFMD Visual FoxPro Professional Edition 3.

Microsoft FoxPro/FoxBase version information

Label on top of box sleeve reads: Do you know different? INI” stores company name, and will be date of the installation.

Same as for upgrade, above, but Activation key card is Part No. Also one HD Help Compiler disk, License card is printed: One K diskette drive and hard disk.

Free Programming Tutorials – F

Box top label may read “Restricted Version “. I’ve heard there was also a 2. Box rear lower left marked Part No.

This apparently can only be distinguished from the full license by the box. Top of box is labeled: Microsoft Support Network information card.

FoxBASE®/FoxPro® Versions Features

No Microsoft name or logos. Update, yes, this is the only manual. Includes two double density diskettes and the following printed materials: You qualify for this upgrade if you are a licensed user of FoxPro 2. Visual FoxPro version 3. Registration card lists product FX, manual rear bottom barcode label