Dec 21, Antibes / Sophia Antipolis – Gare Routière Valbonne Sophia Antipolis bus route by Envibus in Nice. Nov 20, Antibes / Sophia Antipolis – Gare Routière Valbonne Sophia Antipolis Via Pin Montard bus route by Envibus in Nice. Relation: Envibus ligne () name, Envibus ligne network, CASA. operator, Envibus. ref, route_master, bus. type, route_master.

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Relation: ‪Envibus ligne ‬ (‪‬) | OpenStreetMap

More information here or here. The bus is the numberit costs 1. In Nice there are plenty of shops from local craftsman to big discount malls. First what you’ll need to do is to google: All the papers will be sent by e-mail and by post. What kind of documents should I bring with me to France? Winter Holidays cover the last two weeks of the year. Then, or at the same time if applicablestart your visa procedure. This paperwork must be performed as soon as the year starts, and at most within two months after your arrival.

If you arrived in France via another Schengen state, the border authorities of that state must stamp your passport.

We are discussing with them to see if they can arrange something specific for international students in Sophia Antipolis, but you can also contact them directly to use the programs they already have. Accepted students, please email to sophie.

Bring an unblocked mobile phone to get easily a French phone number, which envjbus procedures easier and lets you save money. You need to call it first and get an appointment.

Note that not all buses go through that bus stop, so check it before in the timetable, and remember to ask the bus driver to stop there in advance even if the bus is supposed to go through Santoline, when nobody asks for this bus stop the bus driver may take a different route, so better ask the bus driver as soon as you get on the bus. Engibus do so, you’ll need the following documents: Try to avoid to arrive Sophia Antipolis on weekends very few buses operate on Saturdays and Sundays.


For the CA bank, prior to your arrival, you need to schedule an appointment ligbe them, before checking in at the residence to get your room because the housing insurance is requested to sign up the renting contract. Travel Could anybody tell me how can I get to my residency when I lignw at Nice airport?

What is a standard price for lgne general practitionner? A copy of your High School certificate 6. Remember that the classes will start around the last week of September.

On your arrival, you will need money to pay the first rent and the guarantee that is 2 month rents at the residence, the tuition fees and your general expenses. If you do not have a visa or a mastercard to withdraw money in France, you will need at least 2, euros in cash.

How much money should I have with me upon arrival? On the weekend Saturday and Sunday or official holidays things are more complicated.

In particular, the proof of liability insurance is requested at the beginning of the internship. Skip to main content. Where I can find some course material I can read before the beginning of the courses?

More information about the registration procedure will be provided later. An official birth certificate either in multilingual form or translated into French by a sworn translator Should I book in advance any health insurance?

The staff there will provide you with the forms necessary and inform you of the necessary documentation, which may vary depending on the reasons for your stay.

Send the email for the appointment to Mr Ilan Bialylew ilan. If this procedure is not completed within three months, you may be subject to illegal residence procedures.


The public transport network of the Communauté d’Agglomération Sophia Antipolis

You can find all information at this link and this one. So if you are coming on the weekend it would be better for you to book a hotel in Nice. You can get linge 1-year pass card for the Ligne Exp. Please, be aware that we do not know how other university residences work, so we will not help you for any other housing solution you may choose.

See more information at admission criteria, Applicants who have already a master in one of aforementioned areas can apply directly for the second year of master Ubinet Having a good command of English. After the first year you will get, if you successfully pass the exams, 60 ECTS European credit Transfer system which are necessary to apply for a second year in Sophia Antipolis or another place in Europe.

If you live in Antibes, then you can use bus Ligne Exp. Second, any scholarship or financial aid from CAF even your medical expenses will be reimbursed to you via your French bank account. More information here or here Students who are 28 years old or over CANNOT subscribe a student medical insurance along with the registration to the university. The housing insurance is required to check in your envibis at Crous or any other place you oigne chosen.

Studies will start with a Welcome Session on September 24th, at You must ensure that the French border police have stamped your passport with the date of your arrival in France. Here is a map showing the main building of the Campus Valrose.