Doris Lessing’s Double Life pressure, no obligatory enrollment in the academic rat race, no thought of slaving to earn an essentially pointless. 3 31 INTERVIEW WITH DORIS LESSING Africa, and she instantly smelled a rat . When she .. Or, “Fan as I am of Doris Lessing, I will never read another novel. Doris Lessing and R. D. Laing: Psychopolitics and Prophecy* If we look at the novels of Doris Lessing with this rat-dogs in their excesses, the extremes of.

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MI5 spied on novelist Doris Lessing for decades, files disclose – Telegraph

A modern, British dystopia that actually addresses contemporary issues. I won’t mind if people will think of me as shallow, but in my opinion, deep subjects such as the one lezsing in this book can be presented in a more interesting and engaging manner.

Download our Spring Fiction Lesskng Now. Briefing for a Descent Into Hell starts very slowly and readers who, like me, were tempted to throw their hands up at about the hundred page mark are not to be blamed, but I would urge them to plow ahead. Sin embargo, al final todo era demasiado repetitivo, aunque voluntariamente repetitivo, para dejar traslucir el deterioro de la sociedad y de las relaciones humanas, que es la tesis sobre la que gira toda la obra.

It’s well written and describes a very believable not-far-future dystopia as civilization slowly decays, and I found that believable and interesting. He is a mass of contradictions, he takes advantage of his powerful position, is in effect a child abuser, but is also sympathetic and caring.

It approaches human nature without drama, talking about acts of inexplicable violence in the same way as acts of duty, responsibility, and love. Compare, for example, Huckleberry Finn, which, granted, is full of unexamined assumptions and lots else to make modern readers queasy—but that’s what makes it a great book, and a genuine, real, compassionate attempt, failed or not, to grapple with the author’s own role at the top of a power structure.


It might have something to do with the fact that I read it all in one go, which tends to completely absorb you in the world, but I got really caught up in it. ByLessing had moved to London with her young son.

They are waiting for things to get so bad that they need to This was a slight book only pagesyet it has taken me a long time to read it. Tried to read it at different times of the day but I can’t help but fall asleep over it, every time! G At its many heights, I was reminded of one of my favorite movies ever, ‘Spoorlooz’ “The Vanishing”. Stay in Touch Sign up. The story of an unnamed protagonist who takes care of a mysterious girl in the aftermath of an unexplained fall of civilization is not for those who like to have their questions answered.

The Grass Is Singing: Deal with it, Doris! Books like The Memoirs of a Survivor are the opposite: Lessing, by contrast, has not thought out her future in any political or sociological detail, fills it with stick figures, and seems to be hiding from the real issues—political, racial, and psychological.

Nov 15, Chris rated it liked it. When I tell others that I am reading Doris Lessing, most people give me a blank stare. I was surprised how much the book affected me and my writing.

This book, which the author has called “an attempt at autobiography,” is that woman’s journal — In a beleaguered city where rats and roving gangs terrorize the streets, where government has broken down and meaningless violence holds sway, a woman — middle-aged and middle-class — is brought a twelve-year-old girl and told that it is her responsibility to raise the child. I was studying post-apocalyptic fiction at the time, and my professor, during one of our conferences about my essay, said that I should try Lessing’s work in that sub-genre.


On the futures of others. Even the ending is predictable.

The Memoirs of a Survivor

This was a work of speculative fiction that only Doris Lessing could write. As a description of a future dystopia it’s good. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A lot of this further takes place in that woman’s imagination, much as a result of being confined to that home given the madness of the town outside her walls. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: The book consisted of three intermingled parts, the destruction of society, the growing up of Emily and the world behind the walls.

As an actual story with a coherent and interesting plot, it’s lacking.

Jul 02, Ras Mashramani rated it dodis was amazing. I read this when I was in my 20s and it never left me. Get to Know Us. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Picked this up on a whim from a used bookstore, and it turned out to be a hidden gem. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.