K 4. Gate Construction. Instructions regarding intended installation: Vehicular gates should be constructed and installed in accordance with. The DKS takes on the big jobs with the simplicity and ease of a front yard gate. Boasting a 1 horsepower motor this is a beast of a gate motor. MODEL Slide Gate Operator. For gates up to feet long, Lb. maximum gate weight. The model slide gate operator is designed to operate.

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Section 7 – Maintenance And Troubleshooting Chain Tray Kit Reverse Sensitivity Adjustment Underground Conduit Requirements Resetting A Hard Rks Resetting A Soft Shutdown Customers who purchased the above products also bought: Whether you have a residential, commercial, or even industrial gate, this exceptionally versatile model contains a number of security and safety factors incorporated in its sliding gate operation.


Take your time and consider carefully all the aspects of your project. The list is formidable: Loop Detector Wiring Table of contents Specifications Mounting Operator Djs Chain High Voltage Terminal Connection Center – Post Mount Section 6 – Operating Instructions The unit is powered by 1 horsepower continuous-duty motor.

Section 5 – Maintenance And Troubleshooting Physical Stops For The Gate Your purchase comes with a personal tech support expert Telephone: Slide Gate Protection The overall dimensions of the entire unit is: Some technical specifications for those who thrive on the numbers: Rear – Pad Or Post Mount Table Cks Contents The VAC Operator is shipped with chain brackets and feet of 40 chain. Emergency Vehicle Access Conditions Fail-safe Manual Release System Section 5 – Wiring Post Mounted Operators Sw 2 right Switch Description And Function Ul Terminal Description Model Wiring Diagram Astm Standard For Gate Construction Installation Of Warning Signs Terminal Identification And Description 2.

DoorKing 1hp Slider.


Main Terminal Description