Back to Contents Page Base Dell™ Precision™ M Service Manual CAUTION: Before performing the following procedures, follow the safety instructions in. Dell™ Precision™ M Service Manual CAUTION: Before performing the following procedures, follow the safety instructions in the Product Information. Dell Precision M PCs Laptop download pdf instruction manual and user guide.

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Also referred to as dual display mode. Page 41 3 Test the track stick to ensure that the cap is seated properly. However, Dell recommends the following installation order: Memory modules purchased from Dell are covered under your computer warranty.

Turn on the computer. Loosen in consecutive order the six captive screws, labeled “1” through “6” that secure the processor thermal-cooling assembly. To avoid damage to the dekl, hold the screwdriver so that it is perpendicular to the processor when turning the cam screw. Remove the hinge cover see Hinge Cover. Remove the two M2. The Dell Drivers and Utilities media contains drivers that were installed during assembly of the computer.


Hold the processor down while turning the cam screw to prevent intermittent contact between the cam screw and processor. Replace the hinge cover Hinge Cover. As the computer boots, it manusl the additional memory and automatically updates the system configuration information.

Locate the latest BIOS update file for your computer at support. If you leave the area, ground yourself again when you return to the computer. Page 31 WLAN card metal securing brackets 2 c. To avoid losing data, turn off your computer by performing a Microsoft Windows operating system shutdown rather than by pressing the power button. If you forget any of your passwords, contact your system administrator or contact Dell see “Contacting Dell” on page To install a smart card: Because the data in memory precisiln not permanent, it is recommended that you frequently save your files while you are working on them, and always save your files before you shut down the computer.


Be careful not to bend the pins on the processor module. Move any antenna cables out of the way to make space for the WLAN card. Turn the computer top-side up and open the display. Place the tabs along the front edge of the keyboard into the palm rest and lay the keyboard down on the palm rest. Are you connected to a network?

Remove the four M2 x 3-mm screws from the top display panel bracket and lift away the bracket. In the event of these backups being incomplete, lost, or damaged, Dell will be unable to assist in the recovery of encrypted data.

Dell precision mobile workstation m40 user’s guide pages. Make regular backups of your data files. Do not remove the hard drive while the computer is turned on, in standby mode, or in hibernate mode.

To set the display resolution and refresh rate for your display, perform the steps in the following section that corresponds to the operating system your computer is using. Remove the display assembly see Removing the Display Assembly. Page 27 If you remove your original memory modules from the computer during a memory upgrade, keep them separate from any new modules that you may have, even if you purchased the new modules from Dell.

Dell Precision M4300 Parts

Turn off your computer see Turning Off Your Computer. The Dell Support website at support. If you are an administrator on the computer, click Continue; otherwise, contact your administrator to continue the desired action.

Connecting To A Wlan Verify the type of wireless network card installed in your computer and then search for that name on the Dell Support website precixion support. For information on the type of wireless network card that is installed in your computer, see “Checking Your Wireless Network Card” on page The computer automatically detects the card. If you feel resistance, check the pgecision and realign the card. Align precosion notch in the module edge connector with the tab in the connector slot.


Turn the computer upside-down, and remove the two M3 x 3-mm screws that secure the hard drive. To replace the hard drive in the mznual drive bay: Windows Vista When all of the settings and files have been applied, the Finished screen appears. Align the card with the connector at a degree angle, and press the card into the connector until it clicks. Remove the card reader see PC Card Reader.

Slide the battery out of the plastic sleeve. Hold a component such as a processor by its edges, not by its pins. The connectors are keyed to ensure correct insertion.

Dell Precision M4300 Service Manual

Insert the battery into the battery bay, or connect the AC adapter to your computer and an electrical outlet. Access the Dell Support Utility from the icon in the taskbar.

Remove the four M2 x 3-mm screws from the right display panel side bracket and lift away the bracket. Only a certified service technician should perform repairs on your computer. When you turn the wireless networking function on or off, the wireless activity indicator changes to display the status.