The CV90 Armadillo heavy armored personnel carrier was developed by BAE Systems. This armored vehicle was revealed in It is based on the proven. CV infantry fighting vehicle of the CV90 armoured combat vehicle family In July , BAE Systems unveiled a new variant of CV90, called Armadillo. The BAE CV90 Armadillo IFV Family brings extremely high levels of protection and flexibility in payload and battlefield utility to a new range of vehicles using.

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Archived from the original on 21 January However, with increasingly more powerful diesel engines, the power-to-weight ratio has remained approximately the same. Retrieved from ” https: Production of the CV 90 began inand as of over 1, vehicles had been ordered. However by the Armadillo received no production orders.

Retrieved 13 January The electronic architecture has been further upgraded for Mk III to be completely digitized.

Pictures Archived at the Wayback Machine. Archived from the original on September 28, The Armadillo is fitted with remotely-controlled weapon station. The hybrid-electric combines a standard diesel engine with a battery pack to provide extra power to propel the vehicle or provide additional electricity. The basic chassis can be readily converted to ambulance, control vehicle or other turreted versions.


The CV’s basic armour provides all-round protection against Furthermore, the CV90 was also built for high reliability and ease-of-maintenance armadollo only standard on-board tools and a conscripts to maintain and operate.

A decision for integration is to be made by early In the Infantry Fighting Vehicle role, this has been photographed with the 30mm M auto-cannon.

Cvv90 armored personnel carrier is well protected. Retrieved 25 January Later a version of the Armadillo was revealed, fitted with aarmadillo superstructure, which provides additional room for commander and troops, as well as additional space for equipment.

The areas that have undergone most development compared to Mk II are lethality, fightability, electronic architecture, survivability and mobility. Teknisk Ukeblad in Norwegian. Having been heavily outnumbered by the Taliban forces, the Norwegians used mortars and, in particular, CV90s, to suppress the attack.

Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) – Wikipedia

The first delivered CV90 was for Sweden. Prototype was revealed in The CV90 can be also fitted with cage armourwhich provides protection against tandem-charge and shaped charge warheads. During the Cold Warinthe Swedish Army required vehicles with high mobility, air defence and anti-tank capability, high survivability and protection.

  CERFA 2759 PDF

With every generation of CV90 there has been an increase in payload and corresponding protection levels.

No allied casualties were reported. The upgrade of the Norwegian CV90s was estimated to cost around 10 billion kr.

The BAE CV90 Armadillo IFV Family

Developed specifically for the Nordic sub-arctic climatethe vehicle has very good mobility in snow and wetlands while carrying and supporting six to eight fully equipped dismount soldiers. Armoured personnel carriers of Sweden Armoured fighting vehicles of the post—Cold War period Tracked infantry fighting vehicles Military vehicles — As of the spring ofSweden operates nine Strf Cs in Afghanistan.

The requirements expressed by the Swedish FMV on signature management were extremely challenging and led to a lot of new design features that have been inherited by all subsequent generations Mk 0-III. It also has external fire suppression equipment. Retrieved 1 June