The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity (AUTHOR SIGNED) [Tariq Ali] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Clash of Fundamentalisms has ratings and 46 reviews. dave said: It doesn’t get Tariq Ali puts forth a history of Islamic fundamentalism through the. In this wide-ranging book that provides an explanation for both the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and new forms of Western colonialism, Tariq Ali argues that.

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It was in the prison that I felt I am reaching a stage of intellectual maturity. Please try again later. In the parks, in the cinemas, or in the streets, you can’t talk to the person sitting next to you.

In the first half of the book, he explores the history of Islamic civilization. They were bombed for 15 whole years and lost millions of their people. It was the ideological clashes between two rival interpretations of Christianity – the Protestant Reformation versus the Catholic Counter-Reformation – that led to volcanic explosions in Europe. That’s what my Arab friends say, and I agree with this approach. There are two types of dead: His darting approach to history reads more like a string of easy applause lines for those predisposed to stick their thumbs at ‘the west’.

Looking for More Great Reads? The west does nothing. Plain tales from Pakistan. A full reviw is on Amazon.

I am not sure that this should be the case, especially in light of what Lenin said in his “Socialism and Religion”: I’d highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in understanding some of the historical factos behind the increase in fundamentalism.


Tariq Ali challenges these assumptions, arguing claeh that what we have experienced is the return of History in a horrific form, with religious symbols playing a part on both sides: Verso Books 06 July I remember how, during the cold war, the CIA and its indigenous recruits tortured political prisoners and raped them in many parts of Latin America. After reading this book there is no further need to ask “why” with regards to these attacks, because the historical context makes them self-evident.

The choice presented from the White House and its supporters was to stand shoulder-to-shoulder against terrorism or be damned.

Socialism Today – The Clash of Fundamentalisms By Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali dissects both Islamic and Western fundamentalism. Jan 29, Shaun Appleby rated it really liked it. Mar 20, dave eck rated it liked it. The second half was more on how the Middle East views America and why. Determined to monopolise both tqriq man and his teachings, he demanded a blanket pledge: I’ve let my pen run away with me and fundamenfalisms my heresies for too long.

A couple of years ago I met a young Iranian film-maker in Los Angeles.

Young people need to be in a bed together, even for 10 minutes. Why is their sky always overcast? Don’t imagine that either Osama or Mullah Omar represent the future of Islam. The aerial attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, a global spectacle of unprecedented dimensions, generated an enormous volume of commentary. It is often forgotten that when Malcolm X was a member of the Nation of Islam, he came out with boneheaded stupidities that are not uncommon in the world that Tariq Ali so easily disparages.


Later that day he was sent an envelope full of money to pay for my insolence. The Clash of Fundamentalisms: No major area of the Islamic world is left untouched.

Letter to a young Muslim

The Nuclear Wastelands of South Asia. If this was already the case in the 18th century, how much truer it is today. He said, ‘I don’t need a servant! Crusades, Jihads and Modernity.

Unless we move in this direction we will be doomed to reliving old battles and thinking not of a richer and humane future, but of how we can move from the present to the past. The 21st century, once greeted triumphantly as marking the dawn of a worldwide neo-liberal civilization, suddenly became menaced. In the post-second world war period secularism in the Islamic world gained mass support, but its failure to decisively break with capitalism allowed reactionary elements to come to the fore.

He always struck me as somebody “passing through” the revolutionary movement in coash late s when both he and I belonged to claeh worldwide Marxist party. They described how the best pick-ups were at religious festivals. Verso- Political Science – pages. Women like us have tafiq tolerate a man for 10, toomans.