Learn Chinese from Chinese Pod Newbie using the LingQ language learning system to learn from content of interest. These are podcasts from listed here for easy reference. If you’re brand new to Chinese, this level is for you. In the Newbie podcasts your hosts. So from my first week I started off on Chinesepod’s first level: “Newbie”. I didn’t quite find this to be so unique – you’ll have covered this kind of stuff in any.

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But this is balanced out by the fact that the dialogues themselves are not translations of English dialogues.

So at this stage, most of what I listen to is Upper Intermediate precisely because I find it hard, and find Intermediate comfortable.

Bachelors, Acting, and Game Shows. The city full of millionaires, movie stars, fast cars, and I didn’t quite find this to be so unique — you’ll have covered this kind of stuff in any beginner’s course already. Some other aspects I appreciated included note: What you pay is much better justified as accessing their database of already made lessons.

Summary of month 1 in the mission to become Brazilian written by Benny Lewis. Do you already have iTunes? Email Address What language are you learning?

Chinese Pod Newbie, Newbie – Where Do You Live? (A0877)

Clean Thank You and Sorry Newbie. I wouldn’t agree that they have it down precisely, but it’s a good enough ballpark to make it so that you can stick to a level that works for you, while aiming to bring yourself up as part of a long-term strategy. Clean Explaining Your Occupation: What Time Is It.


Talking About Your Hometown. Coming up to our 10 year anniversary, we have some very exciting things just around the corner, and soon you will also have access to the highest quality video learning resource on the market. Inthere was no such thing as a language learning podcast. Elliot doesn’t know a word of Chinese, so listen as he tells us his experience of China through the eyes of a complete newbie!

Clean How Old Are You? This week we have a visitor stop by from America. Clean Do You Like Shanghai? To be honest I find most Chinese TV quite tedious, so I’m happier to go with something that caters more for an international audience, especially when the dialogue parts are more natural conversations, even if scripted. Clean Surfing the Internet Newbie.

Free Mandarin Chinese Lessons

There is also a Praxis option that I checked out to access other languages Englishpod, Spanishpod, Frenchpod, Italianpodbut there is way less content in each of these, and no app access at all, which was a major justification for paying as I saw it. Clean The Olympic Mascots: Just as Zhang Liang is having doubts about Lili, he finds himself after hours with an attractive female co-worker. Of course, it’s very useful to actually know how to use thes. Also, returning cohort Clay gives some insi.

  6EP1333 2BA01 PDF

Clean What’ll it be? Where is the washroom?

Easy Chinese Language Courses Online

Jenny or Connie speak a little too clearly in their explanations in the levels I was on, and consciously form their Chinese into something that a learner is more likely to understand, and even throw in some English words a little too low-pressure for my liking, chinespod tends to be much below the level of the actual dialogue, but at least it keeps you in the conversation, and only the jewbie itself is the tricky part.

Clean Taking the Train to Beijing Newbie. I found it way more interesting and relevant to listen to topics about travel, socialising and technology than say, applying for work, office etiquette and family issues.

Clean When are you Coming to Hong Kong? Dont Drink The Water. Learning how to speak Spanish? In this podcast, Ken and Jenny lower their professional inte.

Clean Answering the Door Newbie. Some for work, some for play, chinespod to finally convey to the nice lady downstairs that the smell of fish cooking at 8: As a rule, I kept myself in the level that was challenging me, rather than the one I felt comfortable with. Im Here For An Interview.