NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC “TOP SPEED AND IN ALL KEYS” : CHARLIE BANACOS’S PEDAGOGY OF JAZZ. Book Box, a subscription that delivers hand-picked children’s books every 1, 2, that time he also studied privately with Jerry Bergonzi and Charlie Banacos. Charlie Banacos was a music guru. He taught on the North Shore for almost 50 years until , reaching perhaps thousands of musicians all.

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Charlie Banacos

Interview by author, Cambridge, MA, February 10 Ear Training Exercises During his fifty-year teaching career, Charlie Banacos designed several eartraining exercises, which help to develop a strong background in musicianship and further expand aural skills and sonic vocabulary. When they walked in his room it was like they were the only student he ever had.

In many instances, he assigned students to fharlie their current drills or exercises to the weekly repertoire. This paper is not intended to be a historical thesis, but a study and description of the jazz pedagogy methods of the recent Charlie Banacos. For example, to the pentatonic scale shown in the example below Ex.

So, we did this gig for a banacoz, and meanwhile during the summer we would play every day together. My playing became less generic, less predictable, and more personal because he gave me the tools to look on my cjarlie.

Among the 35 interviewees, there were no students who studied exclusively composition. Thank you for interesting in our services. Stunned by these results, I began sharing my enthusiasm with friends and colleagues, telling them about the impact his teaching had on my playing.


Also, he taught me a strong sense of discipline. Banacos practiced everything he preached, which is evident in two emails he sent to his students during his last days in the hospital. I never saw him outside the studio.

Charlie Banacos: The Zen Master of Jazz Improvisation

You will never meet a person that private. Another useful source of information comes from his personal communication with students as well as from testimonials in jazz periodical literature such as Down Beat, Jazz Player, Musician Magazine, and Saxophone Journal. Banacos told him that this procedure makes the piece sound modal. Right after that, he stopped performing.

Huge presence, just enormous. I might even use some written exercises with more than one student, but explain them in a totally different way for each student.

It was humbling and enlightening to have had the opportunity to be his student. Second, make several recordings playing long series of cadences and notes, saying the answers a few seconds after each banacoa. But the most important thing for me was that he was able to diagnose exactly where I needed improvement, and to give me exercises to work on those very specific areas. Banacos used a metaphor to describe for bassist Ervin Dhimo the goal in this exercise. Kordis 44 ccharlie fluent, effortless playing and for protection from injuries.


Kordis 11 Exercises and their Effectiveness Cgarlie pedagogy of Charlie Banacos consists of a repertoire of exercises that cover various aspects of musicianship.

After I played for him, in minutes, he gave me a diagnosis on my musicianship, knowledge, technique, and the kind banafos stuff I had been practicing. He would always remind me that the great jazz players are very aware of such things and that there’s a lot I can learn from non-jazz 51 music that would greatly enhance my jazz playing.

Charlie Banacos – Google Books

I have no idea how anybody can teach that much. I would ask him about 75 76 Stephen Page, interview by author, email, 27 March He was very lucky he could hang out in these clubs and ask questions of the players. We played gigs, we were always playing sessions, jamming together, and you know, you asked me about his pedagogy, we never talked about it. Also, his lessons have musical substance of no match. Occasionally I would ask him banaos a therapy session and he was open to that, so he would give me a therapy session.

The exercise is performed by using pairs of triads for every chord type and playing these pairs in several permutations.