The Paul Chen / Hanwei Forge produces the finest quality reproductions . Welcome to Paul Chen Hanwei swords. As an official distributor of the incredible line of Cas Hanwei swords, our goal is to make your shopping experience easy. CAS Iberia began as an importer of quality knives from Spain and has since grown into Ancient weapon of European tribes recreated by Hanwei and Svord .

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The rest should be more traditional offerings, the only one I know of for sure is an odachi. Hanwei Bone Handled Rapier Nice enough to look at and handles well, but all in all, just average.

Paul Chen Hanwei Swords

I received mine in the mail and was generally surprised by how much a leap forward it was. I like my Tori s.

Thank god we didn’t go through with it I believe it was intorduced this way to our customers once, and the backlash was quick and severe! I understand but by not offering a single blade over 29 inches, you are alienating those of us who are tall and prefer longer blades.

Inveitably we go custom. Or am I missing something? Originally Posted by Ron Salter. Don’t get me wrong, the best DF swords are also without niku, and MAS swords are also too wide and thin to be traditional. Originally Posted by B. An excellent sword for the money with several huge catallg over earlier models.


Hanwei is catalof more Cutting Jian now Hanwei Practical Ninja-to Historical or not, its a fast mean little stabby cutter of a sword. Once we can get some out and about if they start coming back with chipped up edges and what-not we’ll certainly have to re-think that one! I honestly think that if they continue to do good moves like working with custom smiths Tinker and constantly making adjustments to their products, then we could see some great things come out of their shop.

Hanwei Albrecht Historically accurate, handles well and tough as nails. Hanwei Practical XL Light Crazy sharp blade geometry, but maybe just a little too sharp for its own good.

Apr 19 Cutting Jian on the way! Get them while they last! Hanwei Tinker Viking Sword Part of the Tinker Pearce designed sword series, a great blade and so much potential, but not the complete package.

Paul Chen Hanwei Swords

Remembering of course it has to be suitable for production. I was just hoping that in that big variety of swords they would let at least one or 2 pass with a traditional geometry. The first Wakizashi on the market it still holds its own, but while practical isn’t much of a looker. The source for high quality swordssuperior performance knivesreenactment gear and sparring swords.

Quite ornate and attractive in its own right, but not all that historically accurate. First of all, thanks guys!

C.A.S. Hanwei

Hanwei Solingen Rapier Nice enough on the inside, but let down by what is ‘under the hood’. Due to the sheer volume of swords being produced, it was not uncommon to find a few lemons in every batch many of which, ended up being sold on ebay. I really like the new stuff coming from Paul Chen, yes the Performance line is wider and has no niku, but they are meant to be strictly competition cutters.


Not an issue per se, but in March the Dailan forge suffered an accidental fire and was burned to the ground. Hanwei Claymore Affordable, tough and well made – one of the best Scottish Great swords on the market.

Shipment from Hanwei arrived over the holiday, check out what is available today from CAS Hanwei right here! I think right now we have a pretty good mix of traditional and non-traditional blades.

I think give it a couple more years maybe 5and we might see it. It really kinda places some faith into me that they are really starting to realize that we as a market are ganwei more educated on swords as time goes by, and they banwei acknowledging that.

Paul Chen / Hanwei Wholesale Samurai Swords

If that is any indicator along with Chen working with Tinker Piercethen we are in for a treat. Cqtalog lot of fun though. Sword Buyers Directory Our Store! Like any business Hanwei is market driven,say it loud enough and often enuff and you’ll be surprised who hears you.