Fran Drescher’s Master Class Health Summit is a mind-expanding. The Official Store for the Cancer Schmancer Movement. We can’t thank you. Before you use them AROUND your home, check here. Type in the name of.

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Together we’ll make history while saving our very lives! Also unfortunately she’s also using couple of cheap tricks, like bringing up ‘not wearing anything that day’ and telling ‘how she likes to be naked’, which were not relevant for the story at that part of the book and hence sounded very strange to mention. The doctors make mistakes, so you need to learn about the symptoms and decease that might cause it, to make sure the doctors get it right’, to make it short.

Dec 02, Amber Angon rated it it was amazing. Th I’m not sure if she wrote canecr by herself, but I think she did.

Cancer Schmancer

This book is not so much about explaining ovarian cancer as about sharing what it feels like to go through getting diagnosed with it and living with it. As far as I know a current cancer cncer wouldn’t be given an estrogen patch immediately after surgery. Francine Joy Drescher is an American film and television actress and comedian.

Dec 17, Anca. Return to Book Page. Mar 01, Carol Covin rated it it was amazing Shelves: In a very “tell it like it is” style, she shares the long painful path to being diagnosed, as well as what she went through in her personal and professional life.


Feb 28, Saskia rated it cancwr was amazing.

The experiences with different doctors and treatments was very interesting and the detail and openness with which she deals with her symptoms, treatment and recovery are endearing and only add to my respect for her.

But that is her choice and her beliefs on treatments. I had heard about this book a few years ago when I was working in a bookstore, but never really given it much thought. Dec 27, Dimi Doukas rated it did not like it. In the meantime, we women must take control of our bodies, and put ourselves on the winning side of this battle.

Lock elbows with me. We’re also lobbying for legislation to increase diagnostic tools and cancer screening tests as part of basic health care. Fran is very humble and acknowledges this as she goes, explaining WHY she had these reactions and let’s face it – it took NINE doctors and over two years to find out what was wrong, when a very simple test performed by the first doctor could have cleared it all up.

The writing style is very, very casual. After two years of misdiagnosis and mistreatment, I discovered that I had uterine cancer. She brings the humor we all know her for and raw emotion of a turbulent experience, as well as the loss of her beloved dog, Chester, to the story as well, tying in the medical experience with the human journey.

As a cancer survivor this book was inspirational.

What happened with John? I’m u I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in February of this year, so naturally, I had to read the book. She tells you how she found herself to be diagnosed with uterine cancer.


I can understand how this would annoy some readers, because schmnacer does take it to an extreme, but I personally didn’t find that it detracted from the story at all.

The mission of the Cancer Schmancer Movement is to arm women with information so they can become better partners with their physicians, transform into medical consumers, and not remain helpless bystanders. I understand that her battle was hers and no one elses but part of the book made her seem like a martyr when, all things considered, she had it pretty easy since she never had to do chemo, radiation, reconstruction, or some of the worst things cancer has to offer.

I love Fran Drescher.

Cancer Schmancer by Fran Drescher

She describes her symptoms and how hard schmamcer was to get schmqncer correct diagnosis and treatment. It was good to read about someone else going through this – but I couldn’t really relate to her experience, as I’m not a celebrity, and as she takes pains to remind us she is.

The important message in the book that can be given credit for is ‘you are the best one to decide whether there’s something wrong about you or not. She talks about being a baby and selfish and lets it all hang out, which is one reason why I loved this book.

Published November 1st by Warner Books first published