Marketing strategies of haldiram’s. 1. MARKETING STRATEGIES OF HALDIRAM’S; 2. WHAT IS MARKETING MIX? Marketing Mix is one of the. Here is the Marketing mix of Haldiram’s which is a private associated with food and beverage industry and Bikaji; Lehar; Bikano It has a reasonable pricing strategy that makes its products affordable and within range. ‘Bikaji’ in Bikaner is major company in the branded Bhujia market. other marketing strategies if they want to survive in this competitive market of Bhujia.

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The company provides training to the workers on the job. There are more than 40 restaurants in Delhi strqtegy Delhi NCR alone and all of them are hugely successful.

bikaji foods internationa jobs in jaipur

While staple indulgences kachoris and samosas are consumed with abandon, one particular snack is a must with every meal: The substitutes of Bhujia like samosa, papad, Biskut etc. There are usually no complaints for the quality of the products.

Sohan Papri and Rasgulla. And thus Bhujia production gained momentum and a bid Bhujia prepared in this area has special ingredient of moth Lentil grown in this area and the different special srtategy can be attributed to salty well water available only in Rajasthan. Capacity management is very important for achieving the organizational objectives of efficiency, customer service and overall startegy.


The company maintains good relations with its dealers and agents. A proper job profile for the company would increase the productivity of the company.

Bikaji Foods: Taking the Taste of Bikaner Global | Forbes India

There are basically two types of distribution channels inteur and nonintegrated. The pricing for the company hikaji cost plus i. The raw material Lentils, edible oil, spices and condiments are procured from Bikaner and if requited edible oil is also purchased from surat and other cities in Gujrat.

The company commenced business in the bimaji central market. The strateggy food products offered by Haldirams include namkeens, papads, sweets, drinks, banana chips, halke fluke, takatak, frozen curries, frozen paratha, frozen rice, frozen thali, frozen snacks and canned sweets. These may be horizontal or vertical. Stratevy setting the price of a product, the company should follow a six-step procedure: Chatak Chiwda with Dry Fruits 60 x gm.

The market coverage of the company does not include down south states of India. It has been made specially to cater that market and it has been accepted and welcomed by the consumers. Haldirams has a strong network for distribution of its products in India and abroad.

There is only one outlet in which direct selling is there.

Products that are marketed include physical goods ex. There are a lot of threats for the company, not only the bigger players like lehar, yes and Mr. Finance Marketing Production Mr.

Though tried to take altmost care, to make the research work exhaustive, still the researcher could not rule the presence of few unintentional and unavoidable flows in the research- S 1 The sampling error, that appeared due to the kind of sampling technique adopted.


New packs were also launched with pictures of characters from the movie. Sadabal soan papadi Gm. The Indian snack major is valued at Rs. Company is following the policy of maintenance after breakdown. Availability of raw material: The company can opt for a proper sates department, and a sales force to enhance its sales and expand the market coverage.

Thus the company has parallel distribution system, that is dealers and agents, both working for it. But once a year, during monsoon, all Agarwals converge in Bikaner.

Most savouries in India are made from gram flour besanbut Bikaneri bhujia is made from ground moth lentils, a crop abundant locally, but not grown almost anywhere else. The company should place its products at the right place, at the right time, and State No.

Deepak Agarwal for his Visionary planning. Biiaji unique feature of bijaji company is that there is one company profile and therefore there is no job profile as such.