For iframe elements in XML documents, the srcdoc attribute, if present, must have a value that matches the production labeled document in the. Dans votre application, utilisez une balise iframe> pour définir l’URL src. All data-param-* attributes will be added as query parameter to the YouTube iframe src. This may be used to pass custom values through to YouTube plugins, .

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It is possible for this step to finish, or for one of the substeps above to jump bwlise to the next step, with resource type still being unknown.

Certain invalid syntax constructs, when parsed, result in DOM trees that are highly unintuitive. This will return either a date and time, or nothing. Similarly, if the new playback position before this step is after current playback positionthen the adjusted new playback position must also be after the current playback position.

If the viewport width is instead 32emthen max-width: To seek to a precise time, use the currentTime attribute. An audio element represents a sound or audio stream.

Return the time-zone offset that is timezone hours hours and timezone minutes minutes from UTC.

The allowfullscreen attribute is a boolean attribute. The src attribute gives the address of a page that the nested browsing context is to contain. The resulting Document must be considered an iframe srcdoc document. When an img element is in the completely available state ifrwme the user agent can decode the media data without errors, then the img element is said to be fully decodable.


May 3, This update contains the following changes: The willValidatevalidityand validationMessage attributes, and the checkValidityreportValidityand setCustomValidity methods, are part of the constraint validation API. Audio descriptions can be provided, either as a separate track embedded in the video stream, or by referencing a WebVTT file with the track element that the user agent can present as synthesized speech. A referrer policy attribute is an enumerated attribute.

Such images are more than mere decoration, they may augment the themes or subject matter of the page content and so still form part of the content.

HTML user agents e. In certain circumstances, unfortunately, conflicting needs have led to this specification violating the requirements of these other specifications.

HTML iframe tag

If present, the attribute must be a valid mime type. The rules to parse a time componentgiven an input string and a positionare as follows. When support for a feature is disabled e. If the URL identified by the hyperlink is being shown to the user, or if any data derived from that URL is affecting the display, then ifram href attribute should be reparsed relative to the element’s node document and the UI updated appropriately.

However, since an authoring tool is likely unable to determine the difference, an authoring tool is exempt from that requirement. In order to be compatible with future additions, this algorithm supports multiple descriptors and descriptors with parens.


Paramètres du lecteur

One or more duration time componentseach with a different duration time component scalein any order; the sum of the represented seconds being equal to the number of seconds in t. An iframe element never has fallback contentas it will always create a nested browsing contextregardless of whether the specified initial contents are successfully used.

The defaultPlaybackRate is used by the user agent when it exposes a user interface to the user. If the attribute is present, its value must either be the empty string or a value that is an ASCII case-insensitive match for the attribute’s canonical name, with no leading or trailing whitespace. The ismap attribute is a boolean attribute. If present, the value must be a valid MIME type.

Let that number be the day. The algorithm will return either a datea timea global date and timeor nothing. Advance position to the next character.

However, this section attempts to provide a quick introduction to some common pitfalls in HTML application development. Return document ‘s URL. Resolve p with undefined. A user agent must not mutate the DOM in such situations. The embed element supports dimension attributes.