Marina, published in , is a 2,line poem by Andrej Sladkovic. He loved Maria Pischlova, but her parents made her marry a gingerbread. Marina [Andrej Sladkovic] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. : List of andrej sladkovic marina pdf book. Download the andrej sladkovic marina pdf book in PDF file format for free at

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Andrej Sládkovič

Don’t you know, my dear friend, that your mistress has allowed me to dwell in your neighborhood? So stand, you bearers of the bones!

Young man, choose from the lights of livinguntil the time takes your power awaychoose the star of free enthusiasmof which just a mere holy flash of light would spread the light of salvation! sladkovicc

He reaches in his chest, sings love spreading his sorrows around the field and the lightning of future hopes. But you alone, please explain me this riddle: Needle, let the raven-black hair downdon’t tie their free flight with silver ; You, golden chain, have frowned the snow flower of the lilies of the neck ; you, diamond of the finger, why do you shinewhere the world of sparks is created by the eye?

Wickedness shall be crawling on the sladklvic You are obliged to be a friend of mine; you were not ordained the mistress. Don’t you sleep when a dream is hugging you? You, too, with your poor cross-eyed sight change great things into small! I wipe my eyes, come a bit closer and what has appeared to my eyes? The blooming willow trees breathe.

Why would a thief need sladkoic beauty of nature? You fly, you thief, from one lover to another and in your greed that is so reckless you steal the honey from the scented lips.


But such is the fate of human souls. She is watching them with laughterit seems there is voice echoing from her mouth: And that spirit is standing, sladkovc at meI’m standing and looking at him: High above you, into the lights of lights, laws of lightningsand above the dead curtain of the nature the eye of my soul has flown!

Love is an idol gladly worshipped. The dusk fell upon the golden mountains and spread diamonds around the worldcovered the flowers with pearls ; and with this fame, the son of caterpillar, like a leaf from a lime tree, flew down for deceptive philanders to the rose of the lover. For whom it tolls? Ohwhat a pretty lady!

Andrej Sladkovic Marina Stáhnout PDF – Free E-Book Download

Satan is such an unhappy government, that lies to itself and steals from itselfin the rotten mind, outcast from heaven: So when a wicked man looks at beautyhe only invites her with his praises and calls the beauty ugly names.

Upon our mountains, a young man is standinghis singing is the flower of his soul ; he is not telling about clashes of the godsnot the beechof an ancient knighthood; that voice does not ring the battles of the grand-grand fathersthat singing does not announce the injustice of the neighboursnot the thundering whips of the world: And the right hand speaks swiftly: Good night ; silent, sweet dream, my beautiful!

In sladkovif shape of a giant. How blissful I feel, asking for nothingnothing to keep falling from embrace to mmarina eternallymaina the delights of three heavens! As you, the Tatras, when upon mountains you cast your golden cloud: The nature is sleeping, and through the Heavens.


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Her beauty of thousand beauties is a warp her virtues — virtues of greatness! Maina I praise the daughter of my own soul, suddenly, the world around me disappears — suddenly there’s dawning again — who gives me faith? But you, the messenger of the youthful soulyour flight will scatter the veils of cloudsmy heart, you go, for you have wings! I reveal the first one.

Picking up strawberries, the luring flower — it’s a pity that it’s a shadow without spirit! As you, the Divine Flames up above. Approach marima, you evil-minded gossipyou see her and dare to do nothingher nice soul is covered for youyou have to lie to yourself. But thens she shouts for her hopeand on her lips, the safe.

Slafkovic world robs you off your rich flashes of your higher fameand in the dust of its dark robe it will tread down your heavenly feel!

Why are you striving? Even if wladkovic shed your very last tearyou remain blindmy eyes! I shall stay here behind the mountainswhere Hron is turning, and enjoying the skies with stars, the sisters of your eyes ; when one of them, the one shining in the morningsends greetings to the dawn on your faceremember the power of love: What can an evil flatterer do possibly wrong to her?