Altissimo is increasingly becoming a standard part of any saxophone players the fingering chart here show fingerings which I have found to be most useful on . Please contact [email protected] for permission for submission in publications. Saxophone Altissimo Fingering Chart. Fingerings for altissimo F / G. # b. The fingerings for front E and front F are identical for all saxophones. Altissimo F# Fingerings for Alto and Tenor Sax. Tenor Sax Altissimo F#.

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T f——— C ———.

Saxophone Altissimo and Fingering Charts to download

We cannot guarantee that files extracted ripped from the DVD will play successfully. T f——3 Bb 12—. It definitely takes a bit of getting used to: Donations are not compulsory, but are very much appreciated in return for the work we do creating the site and resources.


T 1—3 C —2—. Useful for alto, especially in quick transitions with C 7fingered by the same fingering. T ——3 C ——.

In order to download anything to iPad etc. T Eb 1—— ———. Once you get it, try alternating with a bottom Bb. T altissimi Bb C Bb ———. I did not receive the email with with my download link.

Zephyr Avalon by Zephyr Avalon.

Under exceptional circumstances weather, strikes, customs delays it can take longer. Use in combination lato G 6 or the cyart D 5 —Bb 5. Take a look at the above system. The 10th harmonic on C 4. You must confirm your email address before we can send you. Your information is safe and will never be shared.

Some alternate fingerings are designed for fast passages, while others modify the tone, color, or pitch at normal and extreme dynamic levels. Would you consider a donation? Do you sell outside the UK? T D ——3 ———. Altissimk it is very high, this should be quite an easy note to blow. T 1—3 ——3 Eb. These fingerings are the same on all sizes of saxophone soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass unless specified otherwise. Lip up from C 8 to achieve C 8.


Alto Sax Altissimo Chart

Submit a fingering for this note or for a higher note. Prioritized, Categorized, and Organized. T ——— 1—3 Eb. After adding an item or several items to your cart, click on the Calculate Shipping button altisskmo choose your location from the dropdown menu.

T D —23 ——3. The fingerings for these notes can be quite complex. PH T Eb f——— ——3 For tenor.