The MacNew heart disease questionnaire addresses three major HRQL domains , There is a valid and responsive measure of health-related quality of life for. Psychometric testing of the Chinese Mandarin version of the MacNew Heart Disease Health-related Quality of Life questionnaire for patients with myocardial . Assessment of quality of life using self-reported questionnaires is a way to evaluate and explore the psychological experience of patients with heart problems.

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A confirmatory factor analysis demonstrated that the factor structure proposed by Valenti et al.

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Support Center Support Center. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. A selfadministered quality of life questionnaire after acute myocardial infarction. Quality of life four years after acute myocardial infarction: The maximum possible score for each item was 7 good health-related quality of life and the minimum 1 poor health-related quality of life.

Emotion Restriction Symptoms Perception of others Social 3.

Health and Qual Life, ;1: Predictors of quality of life after hospital admission for heart attack or angina. To date, no HRQL tool has been evaluated in an Iranian population with cardiovascular disorders, specifically myocardial infarction, a major cause of mortality and morbidity.

The validity of the Qufstionnaire Quality of Life in heart disease questionnaire. Surprisingly, our patients found an interview-administered questionnaire acceptable and this has encouraged us to test MacNew in larger populations, to investigate the feasibility of a self-completed tool, exploring the actual weight of item 22, comparing generic and other specific questionnaires, and specifically to examine the validity of the MacNew Farsi by applying a standard cardiovascular classification scale concomitantly.

We recommend that researchers should submit scores obtained from items on the MacNew to secondary analyses after being grouped according to the factor structure proposed in this paper, in order to explore further the most appropriate grouping of items. Coronary disease is at least as prevalent in Iran as in jacnew Western nations but population studies have been restricted by the lack of culturally-sensitive investigational tools in Farsi to assess, inter alia, quality of life.


Instead, it seemed to assess knowledge about the restrictions imposed by ischaemic heart disease.

The corrected total-item correlation at baseline ranged from 0. COL assisted with the data analysis and the drafting of the manuscript. Although questionnairre MacNew has been favorably reviewed against a selection of other heart disease-specific HRQL instruments there are plans to confirm its psychometric properties in a large international cohort of patients with heart disease.

The goals of health and social care interventions in the field of ischaemic heart disease are placing increasing emphasis on patients’ quality of life as well as quantity of life and an improvement in health-related quality of life HRQoL is often a stated goal of many cardiac rehabilitation programmes and secondary prevention strategies.

Int J Nurs Pract. Duration of hospital stay, literacy and occupational status did not influence any of the HRQL scores. Item number 18 frightened had more relevance statistically to the social and physical domains in the Farsi version, while in the original report it was allocated to the emotional domain. Received May 28; Accepted Jul 1.

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Third, self-administered tools are a novel experience for Iranians; as an alternative, training for and conducting interviews is costly and cannot be integrated into routine assessments until validity has been demonstrated in larger samples. A content analysis of these factors was undertaken and the following points were noted. Thus, the proposed grouping of items suggested presently has stronger evidence of concurrent validity than that suggested by Valenti et al.

In other words, this statistical procedure assesses whether or not on the basis of the relationships between the items on a questionnaire the suggested method of combining items into groups which are supposed to represent underlying factors is reasonable.

Health related quality of life after conservative or invasive treatment of inducible postinfarction ischaemia. Therefore, the aim of the present paper was to test the factor structure of the MacNew among a group of patients from the UK with ischaemic heart disease. Population-based studies confirm that the prevalence of coronary artery disease CAD is higher among Iranian population even than in western countries; [ 7 ] its high mortality rate [ 8 ] makes CAD the principal cause of death in recent decades [ 9 ] In the absence of an appropriate tool for measuring HRQL in an Iranian population, the MacNew Heart Disease Health-related Quality of Life MacNewa disease-specific HRQL instrument, was translated into Farsi and administered to a Farsi Persian -speaking population with myocardial infarction MI.


Age mean sd This is an Open Access article: Down in the dumps 0. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

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The patients who participated in the study were similar to patients from the UK with ischaemic heart disease in previous studies in terms of their age [ 7 ], sex [ 8 ] and BMI [ 9 ]. Method A Persian version of MacNew was prepared by both forward and backward translation by bilinguals after which a feasibility test was performed.

Outcome assessment in cardiac rehabilitation. This new structure also displayed strong evidence of concurrent validity when compared to the SF Data Analysis The contribution of each item in the questionnaire to the three domains of ‘ physical ‘, ‘ emotional ‘, and ‘ social ‘ was evaluated. This review suggested, on the basis of the best available psychometric evidence, that the most appropriate generic and disease-specific measures of HRQoL for use among people with ischaemic heart disease were the Short Form 36 SF [ 2 ] and version two of the Quality of Life after Myocardial Infarction questionnaire now referred to as the MacNew Quality of Life Questionnaire [ 3 ], respectively.

The distribution of patients between the different classes of the CCSCA suggested that our group of patients had less severe angina than a group of patients undergoing angioplasty [ 8 ]. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Effects of sample size, estimation methods, and model specification on structural equation modeling fit indexes. In fact, both of these items appeared to be closer to all of the items that loaded onto factor 3.

The prevalence of coronary artery disease in an urban population in Isfahan, Iran.