Under the Covers Book Blog reviews LAST CALL, book 2 in the Heat Wave series by Alannah Lynne. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Ms. Lynne brings depth to her characters and stories. As I read the book, I could picture in my head the places and people that she. Last Call: Heat Wave Novel 2 (Volume 2) [Alannah Lynne] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gavin McLeod is a man who has it all.

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This couple sparks and sizzles fast and hard. She’s also immediately taken with the hot man she thinks out of her league. When Max sends Gavin to scope out the Blackout, the minute he sees Sunny the attraction between them is instant. Sunny thinking she can have hot sex I love the details in this book.

Taking care to make his boss’s daughter Callie satisfied is a full time job without his lgnne Instant chemistry is what happens when Sunny Black mixes drinks.

He’s got the good looks. Last Call is the second book in the Heat Wave series, and the series is aptly named. A bar in a town he used to go to with his grandfather. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. dall

Gavin’s boss took a page from J. He even finds the girl to keep-Sunny. Gavin, a sexy as all sin business man being groomed to be the next CEO, walks in to a bar with three females They have tons of chemistry but also a lot to overcome to be together. But when you get to where you think lynbe the top, there’s always another mountain to climb and these are lessons that Gavin has to learn, too bad he learns them alannnah hard way.

There were great elements of mystery and suspense that kept me wrapped up in the book even when Sunny and Gavin were apart. Yea I said or two.

And to his surprise he finds it in the most unexpected of places and with the last person he should be getting involved with if he wants 3.


It just could have been better. But, when her eyes are opened to a lot of different situations regarding her father I was proud of her for standing up for herself. This second installment has a touch of suspense thriller mixed into the love story, an interesting twist and one that definitely helps it stand out alanjah its predecessor. Soon Sunny discovers she got more than she bargained for. Alannzh back to Callie. Even more exciting than finding out about Callie, is Jason – a host at the country club.

Last call is book 2 in the heat wave series, having said that I had not read book one and this book can be read by itself without taking any of the enjoyment away. Among the other characters who add spice, energy and drama is Callie Holden a spoilt, petulant and prudish twenty-one year old lymne outgrows alanah youthful and obsessive crush on Gavin after an embarrassing incident.

The only thing I wished this book had more of is Gavin’s interactions with his grandfather.

Review: Last Call by Alannah Lynne

A great romance read and a fantastic addition to the author’s Heat Wave novels, Last Call was a 5-star read for me. When Gavin sees what his boss wants him to do he struggles and the area has fond memories. But he’s had to take along his bosses spoilt daughter who has a crush on him laast her two friends.

Set in small town USA, businessman Gavin is going back to the place where he had some of his fondest childhood memories fishing with his grandfather. Sunny, who has raised her b Gavin, a sexy as all sin business man being groomed to be the next CEO, walks in to a bar with three females Working with the powerful Max Holden, being his right-hand man, and now preparing to take over his position, Gavin has groomed himself for every possibility life throws.

But what Gavin thinks he is there for turns out to be more sinister and that is when our story truly picks up. Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

She was annoying, obsessive, and a rich little princess. Last Call takes us to the sandy shores of a seaside retreat that we don’t want to ever leave.


Jan 02, Shell24 rated it liked it. Gavin does everything in his power to help Sunny and her brother Robby as he doesn’t want to see them hurt and knows he has to do the right thing.

Readers will fall in love with the small, quaint community of Anticue Island, North Carolina. Gavin took one look at Sunny and knew she was the one. But the journey of reading this overrides those points.

Last Call: Heat Wave Novel #2 – Alannah Lynne – Google Books

Sunny’s put every penny she has and a lot of hard work into this bar to make it a place where she and her brother can call home. Lynne brings depth to her characters and stories. They also fell victim to the trend that ladt don’t even ask girls on dates anymore. It’s a fairly typical romance, with a bit of a mystery behind the love side. But as Max is exposed Callie is faced with having to take a new outlook on her life and her choices. By the end of the story I was so proud of her she quickly became one of my favorite lhnne.

Apr 19, Jen rated it it was amazing. And to his surprise he finds it in the most unexpected of places and with the last person he should be getting involved with if he wants to continue with his career.

The past not only has a way with words but keeps you engrossed the entire book. Latest posts by Francesca see all Lifestyle: Another smooth, easy read with a pleasant smattering of steam mixed in with intrigue and plot twists. Alanmah came to care about our main hero and heroine, the character development was great and we were able to see so many different layers to them. May 30, books are love rated it really liked it. Gavin MacLeod a man of humble lineage is smart, confident, and single-minded in business.