Innovation in Lean Manufacturing by Kansei-Chisei Engineering Innovación en la Fabricación Lean por Ingeniería Kansei-Chisei. January. Un enfoque de la ingeniería Concurrente, Ed. Rama, Madrid González M, Lama JR, Pérez JR () Ingeniería Kansei para un diseño de productos. Diseño Emocional de Productos Aplicando Técnicas de Ingeniería Kansei- Edición Única. Export. CSV · RefMan · EndNote · BibTex · RefWorks · Thumbnail.

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The existing tools can partially be found in the previously mentioned methods for the synthesis. Gran popularidad en la industria Japonesa, Americana y Europea 1. Another method, the Kano modelwas developed in the field of quality in the early s by Professor Noriaki Kanoof Tokyo University.

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Views Read Edit View history. This method was called quality function deployment QFD. Entender los sentimientos del cliente y de la empresa Kansei sobre el producto. Compared to other methods in Affective Engineering, Kansei engineering is the only method that can establish and quantify connections between abstract feelings and technical specifications.

The period of Renaissance is also a good example. Some years later, inProfessors Shigeru Mizuno and Yoji Akao developed an engineering approach in order to connect peoples’ needs to product properties. It focuses on the relationships between the physical traits of a product and its affective influence on the user.


There are many more tools used in companies and universities, which might not be available to the public. As described above, Kansei data collection and analysis is often complex and connected with statistical analysis. Thanks to this field of research, it is possible to gain knowledge on how to design more attractive products and make the customers satisfied.


However, such software requires a ingeineria that quantifies the connections between Kanseis and the combination of product attributes. A reliable instrument is therefore needed: This network refers to the new research field as ” emotional design ” or “affective engineering”.

Delete comment or cancel. In addition to pure practical values, artefacts always also had an affective ingenieroa. One example is jewellery found in excavations from the stone ages. Houston, we have a problem! This is done in order to check if the ingenieria kansei model is reliable and realistic.

Kansei engineering

Nowadays, people want to use products that are functional at the physical level, usable at the psychological level and attractive at the subjective, emotional level [ citation needed ]. Send the link below via email or IM. This part of the paper demonstrates some of the tools.


The process of refinement is difficult due to the shortage of methods. There are many more tools used in companies and universities, which might not be available to the public.

From this, a domain description is formulated, serving as the basis for further evaluation. Since errors in the estimations of market trends can be very expensive, companies therefore perform benchmarking studies that compare with competitors on strategic, process, marketing, and product levels.

Although all of these methods are concerned with subjective impact, none of them can translate this impact to design parameters sufficiently.

Kansei engineering – Wikipedia

In the middle of the 20th century, the idea of aesthetics was deployed in scientific contexts. Finally a few representing words are selected from this spanning the Semantic Space. The latter requirement becomes much more important as ingenieria kansei and companies are becoming mature.

The software generates online ingeneiria for collection of Kansei raw-data. Send this link to ingenieria kansei others join your presentation: Views Read Edit View history.