Login. Please enter your credentials below to proceed. If you don’t already. Upgrading to a Pro Account will give your editors a consistent message and. Designer Documentation. CushyCMS works by FTPing into your site and then .

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You can enable this when adding an editor or editing the permissions of an existing editor.

My account has been downgraded to Free. Custom Welcome Email As a pro user you can set a custom welcome email template. We provide on-demand web services that empower users around the globe by simplifying the way they work. Images can be added to text areas simply by dragging an fushy into the text area.

This is purely because styling should always be handled in external CSS this includes colours. Edits the content as plain text. If the login appears successful, perform a simple directory command: By default these files are published to the same directory as the page, however this may be customized via the Configure Site page.

I found a bug or need help with something that isn’t covered here! An example may be your Google AdSense code.

Allow clients to safely edit content No software to install, no programming required Takes just a few minutes to setup Define xms which parts of the page can be changed Produces standards compliant, search engine friendly content Content Editors: Remember that you must choose both the ucshy ftp: Cushy will automagically grab labels from the following attributes where available: Frequently Asked Questions If you cannot find anything related to your question, please do a search on our Google Group page before posting on it!


Once you have tested the details, replicate them exactly inside your Cushy control panel.

How can I test my FTP details are correct? Cushy can sometimes have a hard time deciphering documents when they contain a mix of html and server-side scripting such as PHP.

Mainly due to the fact Cushy is dead simple to use, and also because we may be in a totally different timezone, most issues can be simply resolved via the Google Groups or email.

Want to add a new page? Fast Define editable areas of your pages with a few CSS classes. Character Encoding Cushy outputs special characters such as non-western alphabets in the versatile UTF-8 format. The new page will be an exact clone of the old page, which the editor can then edit accordingly. You won’t even need to train your clients. There are a number of variables that will be interpolated into the email, such as the editors name, email address and system generated password.

Save a draft of your changes, publish your changes, or schedule date and time to publish your changes. Over 90, websites Cushyfied.

Top 10 Simple CMS

We use cookies on this website. Cushy has support for XML elements. Pro users can specify a class of “clienteditor” as an alternative to “cushycms”.

We use cookies on this website. Repeatable regions Enable editors to repeat content regions, eg.

Designer Documentation » Free and simple CMS » CushyCMS

The error “subdomain is invalid” or “subdomain is reserved” appears when saving my Pro preferences. If you are having trouble with elements in your XML being picked up as XHTML because they have the same namecheck out the section on overriding content types. Some of my editable elements aren’t appearing.


You can have as many editable tags inside your repeatable element as you want, or you can just make the repeatable element editable as a whole Zimplit is a CMS that lets you create and edit sites from scratch.

It’s possible that the FTP server is rejecting connections from Cushy. We provide on-demand web services that empower users around the globe by simplifying the way they work.

Designer Documentation

Miscellaneous Can I use Lightbox with Cushy? PageLime is another simple CMS option for editing content on your website. Take the below code for example:. How cusht I change my payment details? Cushy uses several different editing methods depending on the type of content. Enabling this will enable a clone icon next to each page in the editors control panel this icon is already visible to the cudhy of the page. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device.

The editor will be prompted for the name of the new page and a filename will be generated based on that name.

Terms of Service Your Privacy Support. Post on the Google Group first: Why won’t Cushy connect? By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device.