NORMA COVENIN (Review ). YEAR: Approved December 9, Reviewed March GENERAL REMARKS: The Norm is mandatory by law. COVENIN 82 seismic code and seismic risk analysis data were used to construct the response spectrum. Furthermore, the earthquake time duration. Mapa de zonificación sísmica para el Occidente de Venezuela, Norma Covenin En general, los valores predichos por la Norma para estas ciudades.

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New relative displacements are obtained and each element reaches a new damage level, with their change in stiffness, and so the next model is generated. Through the use of mathematical models and computational tools, seismic behavior of the building is obtained in a suitable way.

The cases studied demonstrated that the method can provide a reliable criterion to predict if any structure would have an inadequate seismic performance based on the results of static non-linear analysis. Table 5 presents the values of Pp of all the frames of evaluated buildings. Based on these results it was demonstrated the structural asymmetry of the assessed building since the center of mass does not coincide with coevnin center of rigidity, determining that covenln greatest torsional moments are on outer columns and inner corners.

Edited by Sebastiano D’Amico. In Figure 3 are shown the Venezuelan rigid-soil elastic design spectrum with the response spectra obtained from the synthetic accelerograms. Covejin by scientists, for scientists.

Both values are computed from the idealized capacity curve of the structure. Furthermore several behaviour models of the building are considered corresponding to different situations or states of these elements.

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For the dynamic analysis the structures were subjected to seismic action see Table 2 defined by accelerograms built on the basis of a likely value of maximum acceleration of the soil and the hazard level associated with the location of the structure and other seismic characteristic design parameters [ 16 ]. The Interaction of the structure with the construction elements module allows users to consider the effect the non-structural xovenin have on the structure during an earthquake and as of the Unbalanced loads are applied again until it can satisfy a convergence criterion.

The capacity curves were normalized according to the weight of the buildings in order to unify the comparative criteria. Therefore, for the first analyses, it is best if Only consider the final state is activated.


In Figure 13 have been plotting torsional moments in function of time for the four combinations, where nodes appointed by n until the n are corresponding cvenin supports, while Figure 14 shows the maximum torsional moment range for each column from three-dimensional analysis. A modal spectral analysis of the model produces a relative displacement between the ends of each construction element which, upon applying the fracture criterion, is interpreted as being a specific level of damage.

Consider all intermediate coveenin and fracture states By choosing this covenni, CYPECAD considers all the states State 1, State 2 and Intermediate states that have been generated when designing the structure. When CYPECAD carries out a dynamic analysis modal spectral to calculate the seismic action, users have the option to not consider any floors below ground level in the dynamic model.

Any uses or copies of this document in whole or in part must include the author’s name. While this procedure is applied, the strength of the structure is evaluated from it is balance internal conditions, updating at each step the tangent stiffness matrix. More information on the determination of the fundamental period of the structure.

Otherwise the number is adequate.

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Introduction Along its history, Venezuela has been severely affected by destructive earthquakes [ 1 ]. In the verification of interstorey drifts it was generally noted that interstorey drifts of OB building were longer than the considered by hazard levels, while the two resized buildings reached values within the thresholds established for each Limit State.

In order to know the seismic response of the studied building it were used analytical methods considering the seismic hazard level vovenin structural regularity criteria. Inelastic static analysis is more reliable than linear methods in the prediction of the parameters of response of buildings, although this method has no response on the effects of higher modes of vibration.

Code implementation and improvements in its application Code regarding loads on structures. Obtain the cracking and progressive fracture states. This number will determine which is the final state, if this state is not reached before the maximum number of iterations vovenin been undertaken. These intermediate states are generated automatically based on the model in which all the construction elements are considered to be effective State 2.

In other words, if users deactivate this option, the program only takes into account the floors above ground level when calculating the base shear using the static method. Although strong seismic events are rare in Brazil, Brazilian structural engineers are often involved in such an analysis for neighboring Latin American countries. Using this option, users can consult the relative displacement and associated damage, per generated state and seismic loadcase of each construction element.


The Quadrants Method can provide an objective criterion in order to upgrade the seismic capacity of a covenih. State 1, corresponding to the behaviour of the structure without the effect of any construction elements, and State 2 considering the effect of all the laterally confined construction elements by including their stiffness in the dynamic model and assuming they are completely effective, i.

Seismic Evaluation of Low Rise RC Framed Building Designed According to Venezuelan Codes

Both types of drifts were calculated on the basis of the application of synthetic accelerograms with different intensities, representing the lateral forces applied to frames in order to generate their respective maximum displacements. Performance points Pp of studied buildings frames. To circumvent such a situation, building codes indicate the use of artificial accelerograms, but do not provide a methodology for obtaining them.

Calculation of the base shear when floors below ground level are not considered in the dynamic analysis When CYPECAD carries out a dynamic analysis modal spectral to calculate the seismic action, users have the option to coevnin consider any covenun below ground level in the dynamic model.

This information allows users to know if the iterative process that has been configured is adequate or must be changed:.

If these structural elements have not been designed accordingly for this distribution, the forces can cause a fragile fracture, endangering the stability of the building, even leading to its collapse. By activating this option, the time required to analyse the job could substantially increase, depending on when the Final state is reached.

The damage or fracture suffered by the element causes its stiffness to vary. These loads are represented in the tendon editing box cocenin also on plan with the other tendon deviation loads. March 20th DOI: