05/ Twido. Programmable Controllers. Modular and Compact Bases. Hardware Guide. 05/ Twido. Programmable controller. Your peace of mind. Catalogue. October. Courtesy of Steven Engineering, Inc. ○ Ryan Way, South San Francisco, CA . Three ranges: Twido Compact, Twido Modular and Twido Extreme Program and set-up your Twido controllers even in the most inaccessible places using.

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The AS-Interface M profile supports analogue profile 7. Event processing b Event management by the application. These base controllers with real-time clock function can be fitted with: This function, when set to ‘hold’, is useful when debugging the application or when a fault occurs, in order not to disturb the process being controlled.

Parity Without, cayalogue or odd, catalouge value: Counter function The counter function allows the controller to count a large number of pulses, within one program scan cycle. There are four references available in the Optimum range of Phaseo power supplies: Animation tables display the memory objects in a user-friendly way.

Each certifi ed product must carry approval symbols when enforced. The master waits for the reply to be returned by the slave polled.

DOM: DOM ix Twido®

A preview function avoids wasted print jobs. Can be used both for simple Catalogus information. Customs tariff More information. For more information on the installation of AS-Interface, please refer to section 5 of our Machines and Installations with Industrial Communications catalogue. Restarting is only possible after deliberate acknowledgement of the fault.


The PWM function can be used to control analog module outputs. These power supplies are designed for direct mounting on 5 and 75 mm 5 rails. Above this temperature, derating is necessary up to a maximum temperature of 60 Catalpgue.

Twido Programmable controller catalogue EN

Due to their low power, the Modular range of Twico power supplies consume very little harmonic current and thus are not subject to the requirements of standard concerning harmonic pollution. RS-wire cable from the integrated serial port or from the nd optional serial port.

Relay interface modules 0. The output signal is proportional to measured frequency and is either load independent DC Current or load independent DC Voltage. The maximum length of an Vatalogue segment is 00 m, which can be extended to: One or more Directives, as appropriate, may apply to our products, in particular: For each macro inserted in the program, TwidoSuite software automatically generates code in Instruction ist language, encapsulated in a subroutine.

It will be initialized by the controller automatically Hayes initialization string. Increasing the output voltage means that the current delivered must be reduced.

The table below shows product combination possibilities according to their conformity class. The output channels may actalogue More information. Large-scale integration, space-saving, powerful. The Parts list catalogje lists all the products used and can retrieve this information in Excel format so that an order for equipment can be prepared more quickly, for example.

The table below shows the situation as at for certifi cations obtained or pending from organizations for base PCs. The Telefast ABE 7 range is suitable for all types of connection found in control system devices: Extra narrow design with widths of Extract from the online catalog.


Output channels to 7 are of the relay type. Input and output EDs allow fast and continuous diagnostics. Characteristics multifunction control relay RMTE – range The number of integrated fast counters depends on the type of base controller: The Twido Extreme controller is compatible with application programs for Twido Compact and Modular bases.

At the PC end, the TwidoSuite software will associate a special modem connection that will be memorized in the project including the telephone number to use. Catallgue EGX gateway offers complete access to More information.

Twidk Safety controllers g9sp G9SP compact Stand-Alone Programmable controller Stand-alone safety controller for small and mid-sized machinery Easy programming for complex safety control Three types. The e marking on the products covered by this Directive has been compulsory since January, The output current or voltage is proportional to the numerical value defined by the user program. The program is then animated, allowing modifi cations to be made without stopping the controller RUN.

These power supplies also have a cable run inside the unit so that the outputs can be connected at the top or bottom of the product as required. With access through the twkdo of the controller: No modifications to the content of subroutines generated in this way are allowed. CPUs to the process modules.