Brand Blanshard, emeritus Sterling professor of philosophy at Yale University, is the leading rationalist on the contemporary Anglo-American scene. A graduate. Brand Blanshard. Wisdom in its broadest and commonest sense denotes sound and serene judgment regarding the conduct of life. It may be accompanied by a. Manchester University, Brand Blanshard. Lord Macaulay once recorded in his diary a memorable attempt—his first and apparently also.

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Outside mathematics, they would say, to think blqnshard write clearly is to give every statement a reference to one distinct fact of sense perception; a statement means the experi-ence that would serve to verify it, and if there is no such experience, we are not really think-ing about anything. Many philosophers have felt this, but found that it grows quickly cold when they put pen to paper.

Karsten Harries “Brand Blanshard: “

Upon being diagnosed with tuberculosisFrancis was advised to seek the drier climate of the American West. Even the writers that have gone furthest towards the goal in some respects fall notably behind in others.

Three years after her death, he married Roberta Yerkes, a former editor at the Yale Press. During a visit to Toronto intheir mother Emily fell brsnd stairs while holding a kerosene lamp.

The enthusiasm for heavy substantives, having spread from adjectives to —ations, is now spreading backward again from —ations to adjectives. Francis briefly left them in her care to pastor a church in Helena, Montana.

The Greeks had a wisdom brannd of their own which long preceded the appearance of their great philosophers. Back to Blanshard page. But that style, though not all-important, is important nevertheless is plain enough if we pair some eminent names that naturally occur together.


Brand Blanshard

But it shows also that the problem we have been discussing is no petty or merely technical one, but very far-reaching indeed. Here, at any rate, is an example of what a sociologist can branx when warmed to his theme in an article judged worthy of reprinting in a sourcebook of sociology: Of brajd reason is the most important, for only as impulse and feeling are governed by it will conduct be saved from chaos and excess; indeed, in such government practical wisdom consists.

Sir Thomas Browne said that he liked to pursue his reason to an O Altitudo. The question at issue is a straightforward one: If we are going to deal in paper money, let us at least be sure it is convertible into coin. A philosopher who is precious, mannered, and self-conscious is a vlanshard, either in person or on paper.

Brand Blanshard

Brand obtained his M. Many a schoolboy has thought Euclid abominably obscure, and so he was — to the schoolboy. The highest wisdom of all, Plato contended, is that required by the statesman, who is called upon to fix both the goals toward which society strives and the complex methods by which it may most effectively move toward them. The writer has simply failed bradn cross the bridge.

Bosanquet would say that he died. The world for me is a necessary system, and in the degree to which the thinker can surrender his thought to that system and follow it, he is in a sense participating in that which is timeless or eternal.


The little that Blanshard wrote on political theory mainly in Reason and Goodness owed much to Green blanshrd Bosanquet.

Yet in trying to do so the philosopher feels a tension that the scientist seldom has occa-sion to feel.

Home Essays by Me Essays by Nlanshard. But it is a far more difficult and treacherous method than it seems. If these little outbursts of great and rigorous thinkers stick in our minds, as they do, there is a reason for it. Indeed I think it an inversion of the truth. And the incredible Hazlitt remarked about his own habit: My copyist was always able instantly to single out his writing by the multiplicity of corrections and blots which mark the page.

Many philosophers of the present day are convinced that every existing thing and branr is logically unconnected with any other and could disappear from the world without necessarily affecting anything else. Brand discovered philosophy while majoring in classics.

It has always been this, however much more it may have claimed to be. The decisions of a wise judge may be implicitly freighted with experience and reflection, even though neither may blanshzrd consciously employed in the case before him.

What is left him? If science could get rid of consciousness, it would have disposed of the only stumbling block to its universal application.

It might pay them to do so.