General Information. Albizia adianthifolia is a small to medium-sized deciduous tree with a flat-topped, spreading crown; it can grow 4 – 30 metres tall[. Albizia adianthifolia. Photo: Mark Hyde By Nyamkombe River, at edge of golf course, Aberfoyle Lodge. Albizia adianthifolia. Photo: Mark Hyde By Nyamkombe . Abstract. The bark, leaves, and roots of Albizia adianthifolia are highly sought after in tropical Africa as herbal medicines. Therefore, the aim of.

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Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 12 The Plants of Sudan and South Sudan: Albizia adianthifolia Albizia adianthifolia seed The genus name Albizia was first published by Durazzini in based on a description of A.

Albizia adianthifolia – Flat crown albizia – Platkroon

A revised version of Nigerian treesby R. Pounded bark is applied externally to boils and itching skin, and internally as a vermifuge.

Tropical Forestry Papers Introduction Are adianthifoliaa looking for a fabulous shade tree, rich in a unique cultural history and adored by elephants and butterflies alike? Albizia adianthifolia is frequently confused with Albizia gummiferawhich differs in its almost hairless leaflets and hairless pods. Flora of West Tropical Africa 1: The extracts showed activities against Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Neisseria meningitidis with zone of adiianthifolia ranging from 10 mm to 12 mm [ 53 ].


A flat pod 9.

Eldeen and Van Staden [ 76 ] evaluated the antimycobacterial activities of dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, and ethanol bark and leaf extracts of A. Species Profile Geography and distribution Found in tropical and southern humid Africa, flat-crown albizia also occurs in eastern Madagascar.

Naturally the tree occurs in frost-free areas, therefore tree lovers albizix the Highveld and other cold parts of the country should rather opt for some of the better adapted Senegalia or Vachellia species from their region. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bark grey, usually rough with shallow squares, like scales; young branches densely covered in rusty-brown hairs.

The anti-sexually transmitted infections interaction of A. View at Google Scholar G. The gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analyses of n-hexane heartwood extract of A.

There are citation in scholarly articles related to Albizia adianthifolia Schumach. The fruit is a thin pod with a conspicuous margin and veins. Habitat Lowland rain-forest, deciduous woodland and wooded grassland, also in upland grassland; 30— m.

Albizia adianthifolia – Wikipedia

The stipules leaf-like appendages are relatively large, 7. It is also suitable for light flooring, joinery, interior trim, furniture, cabinet work, boat building, vehicle bodies, toys and novelties, tool handles, baseball bats, boxes, crates, hardboard and particle board. View at Google Scholar M.

Nothing can be easier than cultivating this handsome tree as it can simply be grown from seeds. Juglans regia albizzia Common walnut — English walnut. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Van Zyl, and H.

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Branchlets and peduncles have grey to brown hairs with the young tips tinged pinkish red. Trees of Sierra Leone. Balkema, Cape Town, South Africa, The DPPH method showed total antioxidant activities of Email this to a friend Print Share on facebook Tweet this.

Plants of Angola Strelitzia Three of the research articles were published beforewhile four were published between andand seven articlesand 10and 32and and 30 articles. Flowers in semi-spherical heads, creamy-white; staminal tube greenish rarely pink or redexserted up to 2.

For example, in Sierra Leone, stem bark of A. Flora Southern Africa Vol.

Geographically it is distributed from the northern parts of the Eastern Cape in South Africa adiabthifolia the tropical countries up into Senegal in the west and Ethiopia in the east of Africa.

The petiole has a gland at the base. Based on these results, there might be a rationale for the ethnopharmacological claim that A. The meaning of the botanical names of trees. It is commonly known as the Flat-crown. Albizia adianthifolia, Albizia versicolor.