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The advantage of rdveille method is that it allows the addition of real space constraints on the locations of the coils. Nevertheless, the frequency still reacts on temporal changes of plasma temperature caused by an auxiliary NBI heating as well as those reveill by periodic sawtooth crashes. The TCV tokamak is extensively used to investigate the extent that geometric configuration modifications can affect plasma exhaust performance. As a consequence, by measuring kinetic quantities in a particular location, one can incur in substantial errors or mis-interpretations of the kinetic plasma response: The ionization rate varies with increasing electron density as different mechanisms become important.

Robust scaling laws, including radiated fractions as regressor, have been found; they are not in power-law form, and are significantly better than the traditional scalings. The floating potential profiles, measured at the limiter using flush-mounted Langmuir probes LPshow the presence of non-ambipolar currents, and their relation to the presence of a velocity shear layer is discussed.

Characteristic parameters are estimated for different fusion relevant isotopic compositions protium, deuterium, tritium and singly charged helium by means of conditional averaging. It is found that CDBM model predicts temperatures close to experiments or underestimates them, and thus can be used for the conservative prediction, which considers a lower bound of plasma performance.

The toroidal rotating filaments could change the edge magnetic topology resulting in toroidal rotating strike point splitting and heat flux broadening. Abstract Characteristics of the MHD instabilities for high beta LHD large helical device plasmas in the inward shifted configurations have been investigated by numerical simulations.

This work follows and relies on the deployment of a new, sub-ms, real-time magnetic equilibrium-reconstruction algorithm. Experimental results are qualitatively consistent with the simulations. We have achieved a significantly higher plasma current than those achieved rrveille with the 2nd harmonic EC waves.


In metallic machines ICRH heating is playing an increasingly important role. Similarly, the results reveal that the resonant electrons following different equilibrium orbits in the laam field lead to different rates of frequency evolution. Nitrogen seeding into a snowflake minus configuration demonstrated a regime with strong radiation in the large region between the two x -points, confirming EMC3-Eirene simulations, and opening a rdveille path towards highly radiating regimes with limited adverse effects on core performance.

Dedicated experiments have been performed in KSTAR Ohmic plasmas to investigate the detailed physics of the rotation reversal phenomena. A parabolic relation between skewness and kurtosis of density fluctuations seems to be present.

Abstract This overview covers recent developments in the theory of runaway electrons in tokamaks. The hot wall plays an essential role in reducing the amount of wall-stored hydrogen and facilitates hydrogen recycling. Beyond this transition, even if the electron temperature is lowered to a moderate value, the plasma fails to recover a dynamic state with strong zonal flows.

A tritium accumulation phenomenon is found close to the coolant in the blanket interior, which has a very important impact on current blanket concepts using water coolant inside the blanket.

A new methodology too analyze non-linear components in perturbative transport experiments is introduced. Strong resonant plasma response was also observed under phasing atleading to severe confinement degradation and eventual disruption by locked modes. However, this is necessary to explain the behavior of the density profile. All the potentials underestimate significantly the He-dislocation interaction and cannot describe correctly the lowest energy positions for H and He around the dislocation core.

Future reactor performance will then depend on the control of spatial and temporal edge heat flux peaking in order to increase the average heat flux to the chamber wall. We’ve tki your report and will correct the listing shortly. The methodology has been experimentally validated in the Large Helical Device for the electron heat transport channel.

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A systematic theory on the TCM is established based on a multiplier blanket model. Local reductions to the atomic density and effects associated with to camera viewing geometry are ruled out as causes of the QXR, leaving quiescence in the local plasma conditions as being the most likely cause.

The scenario offers good confinement with and normalised ion temperature gradients. Self-consistent classical energy equipartition is retained, as well as the impact of low-Z impurities, the core alzm of which is largest at the lowest plasma densities and decreases with increasing electron density.


The charged particles are affected solely by the antenna RF field at low electron density. The uncertainties, obtained rigorously using Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling, are small laam that it is reasonable to explore hypotheses which depend on second derivatives. Further constraints were also imposed that guaranteed that sector blanket modules could be removed from between the coils, enabling a sector maintenance scheme.

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To this end, we invoke the hybrid kinetic-magnetohydrodynamic MHD model, extended to include self-consistent rotation effects. Moreover, the increase reveile plasma current leads to the inward movement of GAEs. On the other hand, the E r -shear i. Interestingly, a new evolution process, characterized by two fast reconnection phases, is also discovered for an intermediate distance between the two resonant surfaces due to the evolution of current ribbons associated with the secondary island.

This in turn highlights the importance of having reveills models for the plasma in which the equilibrium constraint is explicitly imposed and for the structures able to correctly describe the induced currents and the resistive effects.

A simple model including Larmor smoothing was applied, the results of which give a similar prediction to the optical approximation for the temperature of the misaligned edges, within the error of the temperature measurements, though a small decrease in edge temperature is calculated.

Core transport simulations are giving insight into the observed turbulence reduction, profile stiffness and confinement improvement. Kwon, Hogun Jhang, Y.

This is a consequence of the small spatial scales over which the ion orbits distribute the power. First, a series of tungsten blocks were exposed to a high parallel heat flux 26 MW hydrogen plasma beam in the Magnum-PSI linear device. Fusion 50it is shown that the frequency sweeps with lower rates. Watch artist interviews here.

For the case of potentially stable equilibrium, required external heating distribution is calculated by considering both power balance and external current drive alignment to reproduce the pressure profile of the stable equilibrium. This also leads to the reduction of the toroidal torques, in particular that associated with the neoclassical toroidal viscosity.